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Canopy by Hilton

Illustrated Notecard

An original illustration of the new Canopy by Hilton hotel in Downtown Tempe. With a background that mimics the unique colors and movement of an Arizona sunset, this piece was designed to add a local flare to the Canopy branded notecards used by staff and guests alike.


photo courtesy of Standard Wax

Standard Wax

Original Candle Label

The ultimate self-care project, this candle speaks for itself, and it smells lovely too. We partnered with local AZ small business, Standard Wax, to design a label for their artist-designed candle collection. Through their unique candle-building feature, online shoppers are able to customize their candle or choose from existing combinations of look and smell.

Jiggy Puzzles

Original Hand-Drawn Puzzles

Puzzles with character! As a part of Jiggy Puzzles' Artist Original Collection, I hand-drew and illustrated ten blank puzzles. Each puzzle is then sold through Jiggy with proceeds going directly to the artist, as well as an Artist Relief organization to support other working creatives. Puzzle shoppers are provided with a kit for gluing and framing their completed puzzle art.