at least there's the sun

recently a friend’s dryer broke. I can imagine that normally this would come as a minor inconvenience, maybe a frustrating obstacle disrupting the day’s carefully culminated plans. but these days, minor inconveniences can feel like boulders in an avalanche: each one heavier than the last. my response, intended to be witty and sarcastic, was: “of course the dryer broke. at least there’s the sun”. as soon as I sent the text I read it back to myself and it meant so much more than I had intended.

in hopes of not speaking into “toxic positivity”, I want to acknowledge how incredibly HARD this year has been. for everyone. we have all struggled in some way, and it’s OK to feel sadness, anger, uncertainty, grief, numbness, frustration, and anxiety. these are human responses. they are not irrational, they are not insane, and they should not be ignored.

despite the stress and distress that we have all faced this year, I find comfort in this phrase: “at least there’s the sun”. I generally find comfort in things I can control, and while the sun is probably the furthest thing I could have control over, I have this undying assuredness that it will rise and set like the clockwork that belongs to it. time will pass. things will change. but the sun will always be there. facilitating growth, shedding light onto darkness, drying our clothes.

<3 gab