gabs (147).jpg

gabby, at her desk

photo by Claire Hinchman - 2021

about the artist

i'm gabby, nice to meet you :-)

I'm an Arizona desert native having grown up in Tucson and really grown up in Phoenix. I hate the heat but I love the sun. From my earliest memories, I've been inspired by color, texture, and form, and I've got a special place in my heart for all things Mid-Century and Scandinavian Modern.

With my background education in Interior Design, I've had exposure to a variety of creative forms. However, I recently found a new passion in the creation of functional and intentional art. We deserve to have things in our homes that bring us joy :-)

I began selling my original pieces and prints during the Fall of 2019 and have participated in several pop-up markets throughout the past year. Today, I continue to create and draw and design and grow, all while building connections throughout the local Phoenix art / design community. 

I'm a huge lover of sunshine, local food, and my dog, Quincy. I also enjoy a good true-crime podcast or cult documentary every now and then. If I'm not working my day-job or doing art things, I'm probably at goodwill, searching for old-timey treasures and vintage clothes to add to my collection (thrifting is therapy lol).

I love this special side-gig, and I'm happy you're here to join me. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions, custom art inquiries, or just to say hi -- I'd love to be friends :-)

thanks for being you :-)

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